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Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire

Many dental professionals say they believe that prevention is better than cure. For us, this is not just a cliché but a philosophy that we live by and something we are very passionate about. We feel strongly about educating our patients to take responsibility about what is going on in their mouths. This can go a long way to preventing pain, disease and the stress and inconvenience that can ensue.

Our comprehensive oral health examination includes an assessment of your teeth, your fillings, crowns, gum levels and screening for oral cancer. We will discuss your oral health, daily oral hygiene regime and identify any changes you can make. As part of this holistic assessment we will take discuss the impact of your diet; what we eat and drink and when is important to our oral health. The examination is completed by taking specialist photographs of your teeth and gums and x-rays if necessary, starting the journey to long term care and prevention.

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Fresh and clean

Whilst taking responsibility for your own oral health is extremely important to prevent long term problems, maintaining it after any necessary treatment has been completed requires extra effort. However, there is a lot we can do to supplement your efforts.

Our hygiene programme is second to none. No two patients are the same so you can be assured you will get a bespoke maintenance programme that focusses on your needs. Our standard hygiene visit includes tartar removal and a polish, as well as advice on the regime you can follow at home. Our extensive hygiene adds a thorough stain removal process using a specialist salt-spray to leave your mouth looking cleaner and feeling healthier.

Following our programme of regular hygiene visits can help you keep your teeth for life and prevent serious gum problems.

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Hygiene Programmes

There are times when patients develop problems with their gums that may require one of our specialist periodontitis (gum disease) or gingivitis (gum inflammation) programmes. These require a series of deep cleansing under the gums to expel harmful bacteria, supplemented by tailored advice on effective brushing and inter-dental (between the teeth) cleaning techniques.

Root Canal Therapy

All teeth contain nerves and blood supply. Over time, the nerve and blood supply to our teeth can become damaged and die, which can cause throbbing pain. We aim to save and restore these affected teeth as painlessly as possible. Root canal therapy can salvage the damaged pulp in the root canal. Opting not to act will mean your tooth may become infected and you risk losing the tooth.


We only offer mercury-free fillings (white tooth coloured fillings) due to the health risks of mercury poisoning associated with silver fillings. We can replace any old silver fillings for cosmetic reasons or to enhance your well-being.

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Sports Guard/ Mouth Guard

We offer a range of guards, suitable for participating in contact sports such as rugby, boxing or hockey, or as a treatment for of grinding. Our sports guards are moulded from your own teeth, ensuring you get a bespoke device to ensure the ultimate in comfort and protection whilst you continue to enjoy all your activities. For grinding we offer two types of mouth guard; a hard guard for the upper jaw or a soft guard worn at the bottom. These offer patients comfort and alternative methods to help with grinding/clenching.

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