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Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire
Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire

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Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire


Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire

Crowns can replace heavily broken down teeth or very heavily restored teeth which have become brittle. There are a number of types of crown and we will always discuss all the suitable options and appropriate costs with you so you make an informed choice.

Alternatively, laboratory made restorations include porcelain bonded to metal crown, full porcelain crown (we recommend Emax crowns for the best cosmetic results – click here too see an example) or even a gold crown.


Veneers are essentially wafer thin, beautifully constructed, cosmetic restorations which can be provided to restore teeth which are broken, worn or stained. They can re-define the contour of crooked teeth and can be used to close gaps between teeth.

They are provided for many different types of teeth and reasons where the cosmetic result is important but they cannot be used to replace missing teeth. This treatment requires the dentist to shave very slight amounts of the existing natural tooth to get the best shape to enhance your smile, before bonding the veneer onto the tooth and making any necessary adjustments to complement your existing bite. Veneers are an excellent alternative for patients who would like to straighten teeth or close gaps but cannot commit to more invasive orthodontic treatment.

Teeth Whitening

The most common complaint we hear is 'my teeth are very dark'. This can be for a variety of reasons but fear not, we can help! Regulations recently imposed by the European Union now state that teeth whitening can only be performed out by a dental professional and is no longer available at beauty salons. We believe this is essential as teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure. Therefore, we will provide a thorough assessment to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and teeth whitening is suitable for you.

Enlighten Smiles Whitening

We offer Enlighten Whitening, a revolutionary system that helps to combat the sensitivity which normally accompanies most other methods of whitening, whilst also promising fantastic results. Enlighten, which has been approved in accordance with European safety standards involves several stages in order to minimise sensitivity and maximise results. Evidence suggests that the biggest reason for failure of whitening systems and inability to use whitening products for a prolonged a time as necessary is due to patient sensitivity. This system helps to combat this issue by including a desensitising tooth serum, a chair-side desensitising treatment and de-sensitising swabs which you can use at home while whitening, all aimed at combating sensitivity so that the whitening process can be completed to achieve the desired results.

Furthermore the Enlighten guarantees that all patients can achieve a B1 shade following treatment, which is the whitest natural shade on the shade guide! The Enlighten system combines the use of customised, specially fabricated whitening trays for home use supplemented with a session of in-surgery whitening in order to maximise results. You will also have the opportunity of regular reviews with your dentist, to monitor progress and address any concerns. We will also take photographs before and after your treatment so you can see the results of your gleaming new smile.

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ICON white spot treatment

Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire

White spots, patches, or mottled appearance on teeth are a very common occurrence. There are many reasons why this could occur, including;

  • Childhood trauma to the teeth
  • High intake of fluoride as a child
  • Difficulty maintain high cleaning standards during teeth straightening
  • Plaque build up
  • Enamel deficiencies and defects
Sleaford Smiles | Lincolnshire

Many people believe that white spots are actually staining and can be removed with whitening treatments. This isn’t the case, and the spots will appear a different colour even after whitening. In the past it has always been fairly difficult to remedy this without invasive and costly treatment, which would include drilling healthy tooth. Now it is possible to eradicate these white patches quickly and easily using ICON white spot treatment. Would you like to treat your white spots without the need for drilling or needles? Contact us to find out more, or to book a consultation.

ICON No-Drill Dentistry

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